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Conventional lenders such as banks will never lend to an investor with a recent foreclosure on his record, in most cases they won’t even lend to poor credit investors, no matter the reason, it’s just how these financial Institute work, and you won’t be able to get funding, at least for a set amount of time. Hard money lenders can fund bad credit investors in many cases as they are much more flexible and consider asset-based hard money loans in California and list the property value and the investor down payment as a major factor in assessing the loan.

That’s a great question, usually, traditional lenders don’t like to deal with self-employed borrowers, mainly because they like borrowers who work for big corporations and have steady pay checks and a minimum of 2 years work experience. The ” issue ” with full time real estate investors is that they don’t have steady pay checks, and they are usually self-employed.

Direct hard money lenders can provide funding for investors with no 2 years work experience and a steady pay check. For many, it’s a great start to get things going and after getting two years of work experience they may refinance the hard money loan into a more conventional loan.

Hard money direct lenders will not limit your loan amounts and will only look at other factors when assessing a loan request. Most banks will limit the number of loans each investor can get to 4. That’s just an arbitrary number that banks decided to set as it’s possible for an investor to be an excellent candidate for a loan and the only reason for his denial is the fact he already have 4 loans. Remember – Hard money lenders will not restrict the investor by the number of active loans he has.

It’s obvious that traditional lenders take more time to fund a loan. It’s not uncommon to wait 30-45 days until you can get a loan from a bank or other lenders. You will need to file a lot of paper work and come up with many documents before you can be approved. This might be the biggest difference between traditional lenders and Hard money lenders, with direct lenders, you can actually be approved within the same day of applying (once all files are submitted), for some real estate investors, this alone makes them choose a hard money lender other a bank many times.

When real estate investors considers alternative funding sources to their projects, one such option is to get a funding partner, and while partnering up to fund a real estate property might be a good idea in some cases, there are many things to consider before doing so. The first and most obvious thing to consider is that with a partner you might give up some decision making control. It is also very common that the partner will ask for a payment of 50% of the profit once you sell your property, which is very expensive if you think about it.

When you consider these reasons, it might be more beneficial to get funding from a hard money direct lender and keep 100% of your profits at the end of the project.

So, as we already discussed before, speed is perhaps the most obvious advantage of a hard money loan. While traditional lenders can take up to 45 days to evaluate your application, hard money lenders may approve your loan within days in some cases.

Hard money financing can actually help the buyer negotiate a better purchase price.

People with bad credit, no income history and other situations can still qualify or a direct hard money loan, compared to a traditional loan where specific and strict rules apply.

It’s not rare that banks of other conventional lenders will give you a green light on a loan just to back out in the last second because something new came up, even if it’s a small detail that won’t have any effect on the loan, but they were just not aware of it before and need to go through the process. This might leave the investor in a very tough situation as they will never have enough time to find a new loan and the deal might be lost.

This is exactly where Hard money lenders like HML Investments come in. Direct lenders can asses and approve hard money loans within days and with no surprises. Short term hard money loans are a great choice for real estate investors for good reasons.

Hard money lenders charge interest rates and points for the money they lend. Usually the interest rate is between 8% – 12% and the points range between 2 – 4. Some hard money lenders also charge additional fees such as: processing fee, document fee and others. There are other costs the borrower will need to pay and they are: escrow, title insurance, notary and recording.